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Pequea Valley Exteriors is a commercial roofing contractor that has a history of providing quality installations, repairs, and restorations throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Standing out Among Commercial Roofing Companies

If you are the owner or manager of a large commercial or industrial-sized building, the last thing you need to worry about is the roof’s condition. That’s why a partnership with a trusted commercial roofing contractor or company is so key.

When you rely on Pequea Valley Exteriors as your commercial roofing company, you can rest assured that the job will be done right — whether it’s a small patch or a full restoration. We are dedicated to serving you and your business with the best value, quality products, superior service, and fast solutions to keep things running as they should.

Another reason that we stand out among commercial roofing companies is that we offer 24/7 emergency service to our customers. That means, if there is a problem, our emergency service will give you the peace-of-mind expertise exactly when you need it most. Whether that’s fixing widespread leaks in heavy rain or preventing damage from a massive snowstorm, we do it all — when you need it most!

Roof Restoration Services

Conklin Roofing Contractors Saving You Time & Money

Our Conklin roofing contractors work with only the best commercial roofing materials to ensure that your roof will continue to perform for years to come. Our Conklin roofing systems provide your roof the durability and strength to protect your building and everything in it from years of wear and tear. Our signature Conklin roof restoration solutions not only fix surface level damage but make your roof stronger than when it was new.

Conklin products don’t just offer protection but energy efficiency as well. So, when our commercial roofing contractors apply any of these coatings to your roof, you’ll be able to see a change in your heating, cool, and electric bills due to their advanced technology, performance and efficiency.

Commercial Roofing Specialists Providing Free Quotes

Whether you’re being proactive by inquiring about your roof’s condition or you have a roofing emergency, our commercial roofing specialists are here to provide you with fast results. We’ll be out on the job site to inspect your roof, provide you with a free quote, and advise you of the next steps in which you should take. Plus, we also offer financing to make sure the roofing work you need is never out of reach. Contact our commercial roofing experts today for trusted roofing solutions today.

Why Choose Us

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Roof job you completed for us here at the New Windsor Location. You were always here when you said you would be, and completed sections that needed “extra” attention with detail. We have had no leaks since it’s been installed, and will likely see a reduction in our heating expense, because of the insulating principles of the product. Your entire crew was courteous, and prompt at cleaning up behind themselves, leaving no mess behind. Thanks again for the great Service!

- Brian Gott, Store/Service Manager, Hoober

[We would like] to recommend Pequea Valley Exteriors for roofing and siding. We have been utilizing their expertise for several years and value and trust their opinion and craftsmanship in installing a weather proof envelope for our projects. Recently, we followed their recommendation to install a Rapid Roof Ill Coating on a damaged rubber membrane flat roof. The Rapid Roof coating has functioned as specified and we are very satisfied with the professionalism in which the work was performed.

- J. Patrick Lynch, Lynch Repair & Remodeling