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What Does a Flat Roof Inspection Include?

Knowing the status of the roof on your building is essential information for business owners and facility managers. It means the difference between being blindsided by a massive roof leak — and being prepared for much needed work ahead of time with a budget for extensive repairs. A professional flat roof inspection is the main way commercial roofers find damage and give you the information you need.

At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we offer flat roof inspections to all of our new customers and potential customers. While most commercial roofers charge for this service, we feel that it’s important to understand the exact condition of your roof to be able to give you relevant recommendations for service and maintenance.

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Here’s what we look for during our flat roof inspections:

  • Membrane Surface — One of the primary things we examine during our commercial roof inspections is the membrane surface of the roof. Here, we’re looking for tears, holes, or cracks that can let water infiltrate your roof — resulting in damage, rot, or mold.
  • Seams — Seams are the areas where rolls of EPDM rubber or metal panels were connected to form your roof surface. These seams are some of the most common areas to fail on a roof, so we make examining them a priority during your roof inspection. This can help us catch potential leaks before they even get started.
  • Protrusions and Roof Add-Ons — Rooftops on commercial buildings are often home to necessary systems, piping, skylights, or other protrusions. These areas can be potential weak spots for water leakage into your roof and are thus one of the first areas we examine.
  • Water/Drainage — If we see ponding water (or evidence of frequent ponding water) during your flat roof inspection, we’ll investigate signs that your drainage system is malfunctioning. This can be crucial to preventing large roof leaks.
  • Miscellaneous Damage — In addition, if our roofing experts see any additional types of damage during the inspection, we will note it as well.

By performing a thorough examination of all of the most vulnerable parts of a commercial roof, we are able to identify current issues your roof might be having, prevent future potential problems, and provide you solutions at different price points.

When Should You Get a Commercial Roof Inspection?

commercial roof inspection

Since a commercial roof inspection provides essential information and allows you to prevent serious roofing damage, we recommend having it done at strategic times.

Firstly, if you have never had anyone perform roof work or a commercial roof inspection has never been done in the whole lifetime of the roof, it is imperative you do it now. Until you do you won’t know the condition of your roof — good or bad.

Another crucial time to schedule a commercial roof inspection is when you first notice minor leaks. Having the leaks fixed soon prevents the damage from getting worse and it prevents leaking water from damaging the sub roof. Having an inspection done along with the repair can determine if this leak was an isolated incident or a sign of things to come.

Finally, we also recommend having an inspection done near the middle of your roof’s lifespan. This can help determine the condition of your roof — and set you up for preventative maintenance services to keep your roof strong as it ages.

Learn more about the lifespan of your roof right here.

What Pequea Valley Exteriors Can Do for You

restored commercial roof before and after

Following a commercial roof inspection from Pequea Valley Exteriors, we’ll give you the options of what you can do depending on what we find. We offer a full range of commercial roofing services for metal and single-ply roofs.

Our signature service is our Conklin commercial roof restoration. An alternative to traditional roof replacement, this system restores damaged roofs to a condition that’s better than when they were new. We back this service with our no-hassle, non-prorated warranties. The reason restoration has become so popular is because it costs approximately 50% less than replacement! In addition to that, we also perform traditional commercial roofing services such as leak repair and full roof replacement.

Request a Free Flat Roof Inspection

At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we stand out because of our signature roof coating, our Amish work ethic, and our free flat roof inspections. If you have questions about the condition of your roof — or you simply don’t remember the last time a professional looked at it — we recommend you reach out.

We offer a free commercial roof inspection to any new business that requests it. Reach out today to get more information and to schedule your inspection.

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