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What is Roof Restoration?

flat roof restoration for business

If you’ve been told that the only way to stop your roof from leaking is to fully replace it, we may have some good news for you. Your business’s roof may be a candidate for flat roof restoration, which can cost about 50% less than traditional replacement. These benefits make business owners wonder, “What is roof restoration?” Roof restoration is a system that repairs the weak points of a roof (the seams, fasteners, and flashing) while building a completely new roof surface. After restoration, you have a roof that is better protected against leaks than the day it was new — and is backed by an up-to 18-year non-prorated warranty.

At Pequea Valley Exteriors, roof preservation and restoration are our signature services. While we are a full-service commercial roofer, this is our first recommendation in most cases. Not only does restoration save you money, but it comes with a whole host of other benefits, too. Keep reading to learn more about ALL of the benefits of roof restoration — or reach out right now to request a free inspection and quote from one of our roofing experts.

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5 Key Benefits of Roof Preservation

Roof restoration (or roof preservation) is a solution for old and badly damaged roofs. More in-depth than simple roof repairs, our restoration system is an alternative to a full roof tear-off and replacement. These are the 5 reasons business owners and facility mangers are choosing flat roof restoration more than ever:

  1. Approximately Half the Cost — Starting with the main reason that flat roof preservation has become a go-to solution: on average, restoration costs around half as much as a full tear-off. Since replacing a large commercial roof costs tens-of-thousands-of-dollars, these saving are large! Ultimately, it is just a smart business decision. Even if you have multiple quotes to tear-off your roof, you need to get a quote for restoration to compare.
  2. More Convenient — The main reason that our methods cost half as much as traditional replacement are that they take significantly less time, since we eliminate the tear-off step. Not only does this save you money, but it also makes our work less disruptive to your business underneath. Businesses often need to close during a tear-off — they almost never do during restoration.
  3. Built-In Energy Savings — You’ve probably seen numerous flat roofs with a white top-coating. That isn’t for style, though — it makes the building more energy-efficient. The reflective white coating reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the building cooler during the summer. This dramatically cuts your energy bills. While many businesses pay thousands of dollars to have a white coating applied separate from roof preservation, you get it here automatically.
  4. Better-than-New Roof — As part of our signature flat roof restoration process, we reinforce all of the high-risk areas on a flat roof. Not only will this fix any leaks happening now, but it proactively prevents leaks going forward. By reinforcing all of the areas that leak on a typical roof, we make it less likely to leak or need serious maintenance down the road. Simply put, after restoration, you have a stronger and better roof than when it was new.
  5. Superior Warranty — How confident are we in our work and our roof preservation system? We offer a non-prorated warranty that is generally better than what you’d get with a newly-built roof. We offer up to an 18-year warranty on our restoration. No matter what type of roof is on your building, you qualify for this nearly-unbeatable warranty.

Have questions about how long your roof has left? Learn more about the average flat roof lifespans.

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roof preservation

We hope we answered your question of, “What is roof restoration?” and sparked your interest in learning more about the potential for savings. Whether you’re only starting to notice the leaks from your roof or you already have quotes for replacement, we’d like to work with you. Roof restoration is quickly becoming the most popular solution — and for good reason. After all, the chance to save 50% on the price of replacement is worth getting more information.

One other thing we offer at Pequea Valley Exteriors is a free roof inspection to all potential clients. While most companies charge for this, we don’t. We want to see exactly what your roof needs and give you the potential solutions. So, reach out today to schedule a roof inspection and to get a quote from one of our experts.

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