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Flat Roof Solutions (Low Slope)

Flat and low slope roofing are popular roofing options because of their many benefits including an affordable price and increased stability.

Superior Commercial Flat Roofing Solutions in Chester County

Get a great price and increased durability for your roof when you go with the commercial flat roofing services here at Pequea Valley Exteriors. For the past seven years, we have specialized in flat roof repair and low slope roof restoration. When you choose us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and selection of trusted Conklin roofing products. We have been repairing and restoring low slope roofs for decades in Eastern PA and surrounding states, so you can trust our contractors to complete your job correctly the first time. Reach out to our team today to get a free quote on any of our commercial flat roofing services! We look forward to serving you!

Quality Flat Roof Repair & Coatings

If you are a building owner, you’re aware that as flat roofs age, they can easily deteriorate from things like dropped tools by HVAC contractors and consistent exposure to extreme weather and sunlight. That is why having a team of trained flat roof repair contractors like we have here at Pequea Valley Exteriors is so important. Our team offers flat roof coatings that are affordable and effective solutions to things like leaks, weather damage, and weight issues. Here are the most common commercial flat roof repairs that we can fix:

  1. Rubber Membrane Punctures: The membrane of any flat roof is what prevents water infiltration. Any small cut, rip, or puncture can cause water to leak. If left alone, these cuts can result in detrimental results for your business roof. 
  2. Loose screw- When you install a metal roof, screws are used to hold the metal panels in place. If one of the screws pops out or comes loose during the natural expansion and contraction of the roof, it can cause leaks and water damage. 
  3. Bad seam: Another place your flat roof can leak is in the seams between rolls of material on an uncoated membrane roof. Because this is one of the most common flat roof defects, the commercial roofers at Pequea Valley Exteriors have ample experience fixing them. 
  4. Clogged Drain: Most commercial roofs come with sophisticated water drainage systems; however, if one of these drains becomes blocked for some reason, it can lead to larger-scale water leaks. 
  5. Loose flashing: Flashing on a commercial roof is used to direct water from key areas. The metal flashing can come loose on your flat roof, and then your roof can start to leak. It is imperative that once your metal flashing comes loose, you get it repaired right away since it is an essential part of the integrity of your roof. 

We trust the Conklin brand for all our flat roof repairs and coatings. This time-efficient and cost-effective solution can save you from removing your existing business roof and replacing it entirely. By applying one of Conklin’s lightweight, white, reflective coatings directly on top of your existing roof, building owners drive down their energy expenditures and create a more comfortable environment for employees and guests.

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Top-Rated Low Slope Roofing Restoration

Today there are millions of square feet of heavy, black BUR and Modified Bitumen low slope roofs in serious decline due to age and the effects of thermal expansion. Make sure that your commercial flat roof is not one of them with the help of Pequea Valley Exteriors. Our team of flat roof repair contractors is happy to provide professional services that minimize disruption to your business and employees, and we make sure to never leave behind any mess or damage. No matter if you need to fix a leak on your low slope roof or completely recoat it with one of our Conklin roofing solutions, we are happy to help.  Fill out an online form today to get in touch with some of our low slope roofing contractors!

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As you can see, at Pequea Valley Exteriors, we take commercial flat roofing very seriously. We are happy to be the trusted team businesses can turn to when they need flat roof repair and restoration. Because flat roofs have a reputation for getting damaged over time, it is very important to make sure that your business roof is up to standard. Our team offers free roof estimates for all future clients so we can accurately and honestly recommend what your commercial flat roof needs. Contact our team today to claim your free flat roof repair estimate!