Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

If the roof on your building is leaking or damaged, professional roof repair is essential to correct the problem before the damage gets worse. At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we perform the flat roof repairs that let your building continue to stand up to the elements. Whether you’ve been on the roof and seen the damage with your own eyes, or you simply notice the leaks coming through the ceiling when it rains, we can help.

Our teams perform a wide range of repairs that fix all of the most pressing roofing issues. We’re the team to trust for everything including both minor roof leak repair as well as large-scale solutions.

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Why Expert Roof Leak Repair Matters

Roof repair is a crucial component of ensuring that your commercial roof lasts a long time and creates as few problems as possible for you. If commercial roof leaks and other minor issues are left alone, over time they can become bigger issues that eventually destroy the roof – and they can even damage your building. When the issue is caught early enough, however, you can prevent the damage from becoming any worse. In addition to preventing larger-scale damage, timely roof leak repair can also ensure that your roof is a candidate for roof restoration solutions instead of full replacement.

The roof fixes that are done to your property are just as important as any other large-scale roof work. The difference between a nagging leak that appears every time there is heavy rain and a complete roof fix is the quality of the team and the materials they use. At Pequea Valley Exteriors, our roofing crews have experience performing all types of work, including metal roof repairs. If you have a question about your specific roof issue, please reach out today to discuss the leak with our repair team.

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Most Common Roofing Issues that Require Repair

The type of roof your building has determined the most common types of flat roof repair that you may need. For example, the most common metal roof repairs are different from the most common membrane roof repairs.

One of the issues that occur most frequently on a flat roof is when the membrane becomes punctured or torn. Damage to the waterproof top layer allows water to slowly infiltrate into the sub-roof and cause rot. While it can occur from age, the punctures can happen from HVAC or other maintenance crews performing necessary work on the roof of your building. These membrane punctures can invite water to infiltrate the surface. As part of our metal roof repair, our teams find and patch the areas of rust and rot that can create small leaks in otherwise sturdy metal roofs. If your roof has issues with ponding water after a rainstorm, that is a sign of larger drainage issues that we can fix during a roof leak repair.

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If you need a flat roof repair to handle one of these common issues – or something larger – reach out today. The sooner you fix the problem, the better. Letting a roof leak go is a risky move as it can set your roof up for much more costly problems down the road and can even cause damage to your entire building.

We offer priority scheduling for roof leak repair customers so that you never need to wait to get the work you need. Start the conversation today to discuss your roof issues, the solution, and the price. Contact us to get started!