Commercial Roof Restoration

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Commercial roof restoration is the go-to solution for fixing old, leaking, or otherwise damaged roofs. Costly and time-consuming full roof replacements were once the only way to handle serious issues – nowadays, re-roofing has become the smarter answer.

Commercial roof restoration provides a better-than-new quality roof at approximately 50% of the cost of a new installation. These are the main benefits of choosing restoration over replacement:

• Restoration is approximately 50% cheaper
• The work takes about half as long
• Your business can stay open during restoration
• The roof coating makes your roof reflective, which can reduce your energy bills

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Leave It To the Trusted EDPM Roofers at Pequea Valley Exteriors

Our experienced team of EDPM roofers guarantee that your renovation will last the test of time.

Discover the benefits of EDPM roofs:

  • Durability: EPDM roofing is known for its exceptional durability, with a decades-long lifespan
  • Weather Resistance: EPDM is highly resistant to various weather conditions, including UV radiation, ozone, and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for both hot and cold climates.
  • Waterproofing: This single-ply membrane provides excellent waterproofing capabilities, reducing the risk of leaks and water damage.
  • Easy Installation: EPDM roofing is relatively easy to install, which can help reduce labor costs and installation time.

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We Use Industry Leading Roofing Materials & Roof Sealant

At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we do not compromise on quality. Customer safety and satisfaction are at the forefront of our work.

Our skilled team can quickly and flawlessly apply lightweight, white, reflective rubber roof coatings directly on top of existing substrates, saving your business time and money. Our roofing contractors make it their mission to cause minimal disruption during your roof restoration. No matter the material or roof sealant you select for your restoration, delivering you a flawless installation, protecting the integrity of your commercial structure, and not interfering in your daily operations are paramount to Pequea Valley Exteriors.

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When Applied by Professionals, Waterproof Sealant Provides Your Roof Long Lasting Protection

No matter if it’s metal or membrane, the main layer of your roof takes a beating from years spent in the sun. We apply a reflective waterproof topcoat as part of our roof restoration services. This ensures that the top-level stays protected against the rain. This reflective white coating also provides the reflective qualities that make your roof energy-efficient.

With a history of superior customer satisfaction and craftsmanship, Pequea Valley Exteriors is the premiere roof restoration company in Lancaster County.

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