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    Conklin Roofing Systems

    At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we know the roofing industry inside and out, and that is why we are proud to be a Preferred Conklin Contractor: Conklin products demonstrate durability and efficiency unlike any other roofing manufacturer.

    Experienced Conklin Company in Lancaster, PA

    Conklin roofing systems are cutting-edge products that help business owners and facility managers save money on their commercial roofs. First formulated in 1977, Conklin roofing products have always offered a superior level of protection for flat roofs.

    At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we’re a Conklin roofing company that specializes in one of the most popular Conklin services: roof restoration. Since introducing it, restoration has become a signature service of Pequea Valley Exteriors. Compared to the price of a full replacement, roof restoration saves you approximately 50% — while providing you with a roof that is better than when it was new.

    While we make our name as a Conklin company, we are a full-service commercial roofing contractor. Whether you need traditional roofing services or you want to save with Conklin, we’re the team to trust. We also offer free roofing inspections for all new clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Conklin Roofing Systems

    Although Conklin roofing systems have been around since the 1970s, many business owners and key decision-makers are still fairly new to what Conklin companies offer. These are the most frequently asked questions —and answers — about the Conklin product line:

    What is Conklin Roofing?

    Conklin roofing is a series of flat roofing products that include roof coatings for maintenance, energy-efficient TPO roof systems, and a roof restoration solution that is effective at transforming highly damaged roofs.

    Why Choose Conklin?

    Business owners and facility managers choose to use Conklin because it allows them to save money on large scale roof work. In addition, Conklin roofing systems come backed by strong, non-prorated warranties.

    Why are Conklin Roofs White?

    Finished Conklin roofs are white from the reflective coating that is used to finish the project. The reflective white coating makes the building beneath more energy-efficient, cutting cooling bills over the summer.

    What is Conklin Roof Restoration?

    Conklin roof restoration is one of the most popular roofing systems produced by the Conklin company. This system transforms damaged, leaking roofs and makes them stronger than when they were new. This is done by reinforcing points of weakness on the roof and protecting it with a water-resistant top coat.

    Can I Save Money with Conklin Roofing?

    Saving money is the primary reason to choose Conklin roofing. Conklin maintenance coatings make your roof stronger, which delays major – and costly – work. In addition, Conklin roof restoration saves you approximately 50% compared to the cost of traditional replacement.

    Who Does Conklin Roofing Projects in Lancaster, PA?

    Pequea Valley Exteriors is a leading Conklin company in Lancaster, PA. We offer free roof inspections and free quotes to all new customers.

    If you have any more questions about the Conklin roofing systems we offer or about the benefits of choosing them, we recommend that you contact our experts for more information.

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    Traditional Flat Roofing Services

    In addition to the cutting-edge Conklin roofing systems, Pequea Valley Exteriors also provides traditional roofing services. We do everything from simple roof patches to large-scale roof tear-offs and replacements.

    In addition, our roofing contractors are experienced working with a wide variety of roof materials including EPDM, TPO, modified bitumen, and metal roofs.

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    Whether you’re ready to start getting quotes or you’re still doing research, we can help. Contact our roofing experts today for a free inspection and consultation. Not only will we be able to tell you what —if anything— your roof needs, we’ll also be able to recommend the right course of action. We can provide you everything you need to know about a wide range of Conklin roofing systems.

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