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The Cheapest Time to Replace or Restore a Flat Roof — Now!

As a consumer or as a business owner, you know the importance of waiting for the right time of year to buy something. Whether you’re shopping for a couch over Presidents’ Day weekend or you’re buying a used car at the end of the year, holding out for the right opportunity saves you money on your bottom line. Your commercial roof is no different — learn why summer is the cheapest time to replace or restore your roof!

5 Reasons Summer is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof

Even though summer is the best time of year to replace your roof, we often recommend restoring it instead. Not only does restoration cost about half the price with better results, but restoration gets even MORE efficient over the summer! Here are the 5 main ways you’ll save and win when you schedule now:

  1. The Roof Coating Process is Faster in Hot Weather — The main reason that summer is the cheapest time to restore or replace a roof is thanks to the hot temperatures. The high summer temperatures cause the acrylic-based roof coating product to dry extremely quickly. In addition, the heat evaporates any morning dew before we get there to work, which makes the whole restoration process faster. Since it takes less time to complete a roof, we pass that savings on to you.
  2. Less Disruption for Your Business — Not only does having your roof work done more quickly save you money, but most business owners appreciate the convenience of summer replacement and restoration, too. While roof restoration doesn’t require a messy and noisy tear-off, returning to business-as-usual as quickly as possible is always appreciated. That’s a great bonus reason to schedule now!
  3. Less Waiting for Work — While summer might be the best time to replace or restore a roof, it isn’t the busiest. Fall is always the busiest season for major roof work. Doing the work during the summer means that our lead times are shorter, and you can enjoy priority scheduling on the large projects you need.
  4. Roof Coating Isn’t an Option over the Winter — While we are able to do a complete roof tear-off and rebuild over the winter, restoration requires temperatures above 50 degrees for the powerful sealants to cure properly. Since roof coating isn’t an option during the coldest months of the year, the fall becomes extremely busy and if you don’t schedule in advance, you might not get the work you need in time. Learn more about the benefits of modern roof restoration.
  5. Winter Makes Bad Roofs Worse — Not only do you want to schedule roof work during the summer as it’s the cheapest time to replace a roof, but if you wait too long, you might be in trouble. Winter weather in Pennsylvania has the tendency to turn bad but stable roofs into emergencies. Whether that is from melting snow leaking through roof holes or ice dams blocking the roof drainage system, winter conditions can push an old roof into a serious problem. That’s why you’ll save in two ways: on the base price — and by preventing a HUGE emergency.

Learn more about the average flat roof lifespan.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Schedule Your Roof Coating

While our roofing experts can apply the proven Conklin restoration coating from mid-spring to early fall, experienced clients schedule over the summer. They know that scheduling over the summer guarantees they get the best price and the easiest installation on the solution they need. Simply put, if you know you’re going to have roof work done, now is the perfect time.

Don’t Wait — Get on The Schedule Now

A Full-Service Commercial Roofing Company

conklin flat roof restoration

At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we’re a full-service commercial roofing company that handles any problem on any type of commercial roof. While Conklin roof restoration may be our specialty, we perform a wide variety of traditional services, ranging from small roof repairs to large scale roof replacement.

If you have any questions about your specific roof or about a potential service you need, reach out. Our roofing experts can answer your questions and recommend the best, most cost-effective solution. Reach out today to schedule your summer roof work, after all, it is the best time of year to replace your roof!

The Best Time of Year to Replace, Repair, or Restore Your Roof

If you’re waiting for your golden opportunity, here it is. Not only is summer the cheapest and best time of year to replace your roof, it’s also the most convenient. If you suspect that your business’s roof needs work, but you don’t know for sure, we recommend that you schedule a FREE roof inspection.

As part of the inspection, a Pequea Valley Exteriors roofing expert will examine your roof for signs of damage (if any) — and provide a recommendation on how to handle it.

Schedule Your FREE Roof Inspection Today!

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