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Modern Roof Restoration Savings

roof restoration savings

Out of sight and probably out of mind, your business’s roof is one of your most important physical assets. While you might not earn jobs off of it like other investments, your roof does keep your building safe and dry every day. So when the time comes to replace or restore your roof, you want to do it right without spending a fortune. Fortunately, we have a cutting-edge solution for you — our modern roof restoration savings are significant and the practical advantages can’t be beat.

At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we’re a commercial roofing contractor who specializes in the Conklin roof restoration that saves you money and time, compared to a full-replacement. Discover how expert restoration makes your roof BETTER than when it was new — and get an idea of flat roof restoration costs and savings.

How Does Flat Roof Restoration Price Compare to Replacement?

flat roof restoration price

As is the case when quoting a replacement job, a roof restoration price is heavily dependent on the size and the condition of the roof itself. While we can’t give you an estimate without seeing your roof, we can give you a ballpark figure — and compare the modern roof restoration savings to traditional tear-offs and installs.

Generally, flat roof restoration costs about half as much as the price for a full roof replacement. This is the result of restoration being a less labor-intensive process. For example, a thorough roofing crew can tear-off and replace a 20,000 square foot roof in approximately 2 work weeks. On the other hand, our crews can perform a COMPLETE roof restoration job of a 20,000 square foot roof in approximately 4 or 5 days. Not only does the more-efficient process save you about 50% on the project, the quicker the project goes, the more convenient for you and your operations.

Since losing working days is the same as losing money, you’ll also appreciate that businesses almost never have to close during roof restoration. During roof tear-offs and replacements, businesses often have to cease or limit operations for the two-week duration. Clients often tell us that they forgot we were up there during their roof restorations!

How Does Restoration Performance Compare to Replacement?

roof restoration cost comparisons

There’s no question that getting to save 50% or more on a massive capital expense has the attention of every business owner and facility manager out there. Really, at this point, the only question is how does roof replacement compare to a Conklin restoration solution in terms of performance?

We always say that roof replacement gets you a new roof — while roof restoration gets you a roof that’s better than new. Roof restoration targets the areas that cause a roof to have issues, such as the seams, fasteners, and flashings, and reinforces them to be guaranteed stronger than when they were new. On average, Conklin roof restoration adds 20 years of leak-free performance onto a roof’s lifespan.

Learn more about common flat roof lifespans.

In addition to the guaranteed leak-free performance, roof restoration also leaves your roof surface white and reflective, which is shown to reduce cooling costs over the summer.

Lock-In Your Roof Restoration Savings with Pequea Valley Exteriors

Interested in making your roof energy-efficient and better than new — at HALF the price? You’re not alone. Modern roof restoration is becoming the in-demand solution for commercial buildings of all sizes. At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we’re a full-service commercial roofer who does it all, including replacement, but we find that for so many clients, restoration is the way to go.

Summertime Savings — Act Now!

To take advantage of the modern roof restoration savings, the energy-efficiency and the performance, you need to schedule a FREE roof inspection and get a FREE quote. Contact us today to schedule and lock in your roof restoration price!

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