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How to Fix a Rubber Roof Permanently

If the EPDM rubber roof on your business has been leaking for a while now — and getting worse over time — you need a solution. If you’re wondering how to fix a rubber roof permanently, we have an answer for that. Our signature roof restoration system fixes all of the leaks on a roof — making it stronger than when it was new — for about 50% of the cost of replacement.

At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we are a full-service commercial roofing company that specializes in flat roof restoration, repair, and replacement for businesses of all sizes. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting exactly how to fix a rubber roof and why you’re better off restoring it than replacing it. Keep reading to learn more about how our system works — or reach out today to request a free roof inspection to find any leaks and receive a quote to fix them!

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EPDM Roof Leak Repair & Restoration

epdm roof leak repair

In most cases where an older roof is beginning to leak, the only solution the business owner hears is that they need to replace it. Since roof replacement is such a costly capital expense, business owners often want to hear a second opinion. That’s why our cutting-edge EPDM roof repair and restoration solution is gaining popularity.

Our restoration system differs from small EPDM roof leak repair as it offers a complete overhaul of your roof that lasts around 20 years. Our system was designed as an alternative to roof replacement — here’s what our system offers:

  1. 50% Savings Compared to Restoration — Cost is the biggest reason that business owners choose our signature restoration system. Our quotes for roof restoration generally come in at about half of what tearing off and replacing the same roof would be.
  2. Stronger Than New — Our system doesn’t only fix a rubber roof, but it makes it stronger than when it was new. Our system eliminates leaks by reinforcing the most vulnerable parts of the roof. So, not only does it fix this round of leaks, but it prevents the next one as well.
  3. 18-Year Non-Prorated Warranty — We don’t just say our roof leak repair and restoration system makes your roof leak-free, we back it up! We offer an 18-year non-prorated warranty with our restoration work. This warranty is generally longer than what you’d expect to see on a brand new roof.
  4. Easy Installation Process — Sometimes tearing off and building a new roof can be disruptive even when the best crews handle it. It can be noisy, produce odors, and even create some debris falling through the roof. Sometimes, businesses even need to close during replacement. However, restoration is easy. We’ve never had a business need to close during EPDM roof repair and restoration — in fact, most can’t even tell we’re there!
  5. Added Energy Efficiency — One final bonus to how we fix a rubber roof — our solution leaves your new roof with a reflective white top coating. This coating reflects the sun’s rays, which helps to regulate the temperature in your building. This can help cut your energy bills long term. While this is a standalone service we offer to some clients, it comes standard with our signature system.

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More About Our Signature System

rubber roof leak solution

Most business owners we talk to are less interested in how to fix a rubber roof and are more interested in the results. However, if you’re interested, this a brief overview of what we do to make our system so effective:

  • Reinforce the Seams — Since the seams are one of the most common places an EPDM roof will leak, we reinforce them with fabric and waterproof coating.
  • Caulk Fasteners — We apply an ultra-durable caulk sealant to any fasteners on the roof to prevent them from rusting or rotting.
  • Reinforce Protrusions — We protect and seal any areas on your roof, like HVAC or ventilation systems, that can allow for leaking.
  • Fix Flashing and Drainage — As part of our roof restoration system, we will fix the flashing and drainage system to prevent ponding water.
  • Replace Skylights (If Applicable) — Skylights are a great addition to a building, but they can be a source of leaks. That’s why we proactively replace all skylights on the roof as just another way to prevent leaks.
  • Apply a Top Coat — Finally, we coat the entire roof with a reflective white coating that prevents water leaks and adds energy efficiency.

Request a Free Inspection to Fix a Rubber Roof

Now you know how to fix a rubber roof permanently and save 50% while doing it. If you’re interested in getting more information and taking the next steps, we’re ready to help. At Pequea Valley Exteriors, we offer free roofing inspections to all potential clients. This allows us to find out exactly what your roof needs and give you a quote to rectify it.

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